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Graham Hayes gr at ham.ie
Fri Jan 19 10:50:50 UTC 2018

On 19/01/18 04:10, Ghanshyam Mann wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 18, 2018 at 11:22 PM, Graham Hayes <gr at ham.ie> wrote:
>> On 18/01/18 16:25, Doug Hellmann wrote:
>>> Excerpts from Graham Hayes's message of 2018-01-18 15:33:12 +0000:
>> <snip/>
>>> In the past the QA team agreed to accept trademark-related tests from
>>> all projects in the tempest repo. Has that changed?
>> There has not been an explict rejection but in all conversations the
>> response has been "non core projects are outside the scope of tempest".
>> Honestly, everytime we have tried to do something to core tempest
>> we have had major pushback, and I want to clarify this before I or
>> someone else put in the work of porting the base clients, getting CI
>> configured*, and proposing the tests to tempest.
> Yes, i do not remember that we have rejected the actual proposal or
> patches or ever said that "QA team not going to accept interop needed
> test inside Tempest even those are for other project than tempest
> scope". Rather its been discussed that we need to check the situation
> when new project going to be make in interop program. At least i
> remember the discussion during Barcelona summit where there talked
> about heat tests. We discussed we can check that based on when heat is
> going to make in interop program.

The decision seems to have been made already - people from the QA team
have been pushing for Option 2 since Boston.

> Anyways let's analysts the current situation and work on best possible
> solution than past things. I agree with Doug point about previous
> resolution was passed and then why this new resolution ? and what is
> not clear in previous resolution?. I think main issue is in
> understanding the difference between  'trademark' program and 'adds-on
> trademark' program.  Let me add the things point by point.

They are both trademark programs under the By-Laws.

> 1. What is difference between "Trademark" program and "Adds-on
> Trademark" program from interop certification? Can new projects go
> under "Trademark" program.
>     This will be helpful to understand the situation of keeping all
> "Trademark" program tests and "Adds-on" program tests together or
> separate. For example: any difference of doing their certification,
> logo etc.

The only difference is that an Add On needs a cloud to pass an OpenStack
Powered program first. (e.g. you cannot have OpenStack DNS /
Orchestration on its own)

> 2.  As per previous resolution, and with all point of centralized test
> location, expertise review, project independent ownership etc etc i
> agree with option#1 and no "NO" to that now also. Now question comes
> to practice implementation of that resolution which depends on 2
> factor:
> 1. scale and number of program going to be in interop:
>     As per current proposal, (i think its heat and designate and
> around 20-30 tests as total) there is no issue for tempest team to
> add/review/maintain them. But if that grows in number of program (than
> number tests for e.x. having 50 tests of designate than 10 is not much
> different things) and say 10 more program then it is difficult for QA
> team to maintain those.
> 2. QA team review bandwidth.
>     This is one of the big obstacle to extend the tempest scope. Like
> other project, QA team face less contributors issues. Since 1-2 years,
> I have been trying to attract new contributor in QA during upstream
> training, mentorship program etc but people gets disappear after month
> or so. Even all QA members are trying their best in this area but
> unfortunately no success.
> With both these factor i feel we can go with current resolution
> (option#1- below solution) and help QA team also if situation gets
> worst (QA team also human beings and need time to sleep :)).
> 1. QA team accept all interop defined program tests (tests only needed
> by interop ).
> 2. Define a very clear process for collaboration between Interop, QA,
> project team to help on adding/maintaining tests. Something like clear
> guidelines of test req from interop,  MUST +1 from interop and project
> PTL.
> 3. If interop program grows more which become difficult to maintain by
> QA team then accept the necessary change to resolution.

This sounds like a great way forward.

> -gmann
>> - Graham
>> * With zuulv3 this is *much* easier, so not as big a deal as it once was
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