[openstack-dev] [ptg] Dublin PTG proposed track schedule

Thierry Carrez thierry at openstack.org
Thu Jan 18 10:20:21 UTC 2018

Hi everyone,

Here is the proposed pre-allocated track schedule for the Dublin PTG:


The proposed allocation takes into account the estimated group size and
number of days that was communicated to Kendall and I by the team PTL.
We'd like to publish this schedule on the event website ASAP, so please
check that it still matches your needs (number of days, room size vs.
expected attendance) and does not create too many conflicts. There are
lots of constraints, so we can't promise we'll accommodate your remarks,
but we'll do our best.

If your team is not listed, that's probably because you haven't
confirmed that your team intends to meet at the PTG yet. Let us know
ASAP if the situation changed, and we'll see if we can add extra space
to host you.

You'll also notice that some teams (in orange below the table in above
link) do not have pre-allocated slots. One key difference this time
around is that we set aside a larger number of rooms and meeting spots
for dynamically scheduling tracks. The idea is to avoid pre-allocating
smaller tracks to a specific time slot that might or might not create
conflicts, and let that team book a space at a time that makes the most
sense for them, while the event happens. This dynamic booking will be
done through the PTGbot.

So the unscheduled teams (in orange) are expected to take advantage of
this flexibility and schedule themselves during the event. This
flexibility is not limited to those orange teams: other teams may want
to meet for more than their pre-allocated time slots, and can book extra
space as well. For example if you are on the First Contact SIG and
realize on Tuesday afternoon that you would like to continue the
discussions on Friday morning, it's easy to extend your track to a time
slot there.

Note that this system also replaces the old ethercalc-scheduled
"reservable rooms". If a group of people forms around a specific issue
and wants to discuss it, they can ask for their own additional "track"
and schedule it dynamically as well.

Finally, you'll notice we have extra space set aside on Monday-Tuesday
to discuss "hot" last-minute cross-project issues -- if you have ideas
of topics that we need to discuss in-person, please let us know.

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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