[openstack-dev] [all][tc] Clarifying testing recommendation for interop programs

Colleen Murphy colleen at gazlene.net
Thu Jan 11 16:36:24 UTC 2018

Hi everyone,

We have governance review under debate[1] that we need the community's help on.
The debate is over what recommendation the TC should make to the Interop team
on where the tests it uses for the OpenStack trademark program should be
located, specifically those for the new add-on program being introduced. Let me
badly summarize:

A couple of years ago we issued a resolution[2] officially recommending that
the Interop team use solely tempest as its source of tests for capability
verification. The Interop team has always had the view that the developers,
being the people closest to the project they're creating, are the best people
to write tests verifying correct functionality, and so the Interop team doesn't
maintain its own test suite, instead selecting tests from those written in
coordination between the QA team and the other project teams. These tests are
used to validate clouds applying for the OpenStack Powered tag, and since all
of the projects included in the OpenStack Powered program already had tests in
tempest, this was a natural fit. When we consider adding new trademark programs
comprising of other projects, the test source is less obvious. Two examples are
designate, which has never had tests in the tempest repo, and heat, which
recently had its tests removed from the tempest repo.

So far the patch proposes three options:

1) All trademark-related tests should go in the tempest repo, in accordance
   with the original resolution. This would mean that even projects that have
   never had tests in tempest would now have to add at least some of their
   black-box tests to tempest.

The value of this option is that centralizes tests used for the Interop program
in a location where interop-minded folks from the QA team can control them. The
downside is that projects that so far have avoided having a dependency on
tempest will now lose some control over the black-box tests that they use for
functional and integration that would now also be used for trademark
There's also concern for the review bandwidth of the QA team - we can't expect
the QA team to be continually responsible for an ever-growing list of projects
and their trademark tests.

2) All trademark-related tests for *add-on projects* should be sourced from
   plugins external to tempest.

The value of this option is it allows project teams to retain control over
these tests. The potential problem with it is that individual project teams are
not necessarily reviewing test changes with an eye for interop concerns and so
could inadvertently change the behavior of the trademark-verification tools.

3) All trademark-related tests should go in a single separate tempest plugin.

This has the value of giving the QA and Interop teams control over
interop-related tests while also making clear the distinction between tests
used for trademark verification and tests used for CI. Matt's argument against
this is that there actually is very little distinction between those two cases,
and that a given test could have many different applications.

Other ideas that have been thrown around are:

* Maintaining a branch in the tempest repo that Interop tests are pulled from.

* Tagging Interop-related tests with decorators to make it clear that they need
  to be handled carefully.

At the heart of the issue is the perception that projects that keep their
integration tests within the tempest tree are somehow blessed, maybe by the QA
team or by the TC. It would be nice to try to clarify what technical
and political
reasons we have for why different projects have tests in different places -
review bandwidth of the QA team, ownership/control by the project teams,
technical interdependency between certain projects, or otherwise.

Ultimately, as Jeremy said in the comments on the resolution patch, the
recommendation should be one that works best for the QA and Interop teams. So
far we've heard from Matt and Mark expressing moderate support for option 2.
We'd like to hear more from those teams about how they see this working,
especially with regard to concerns about the quality and stability standards
that out-of-tree tests may be held to. We additionally need input from the
whole community on how maintaining trademark-related tests in tempest will
affect you if you don't already have your tests there. We'd especially like to
address any perceptions of favoritism or exclusionism that stem from these

And to quickly clear up one detail before it makes it onto this thread, the
Queens Community Goal about splitting tempest plugins out of the main project's
tree[3] is entirely about addressing technical problems related to packaging for
existing tempest plugins, it's not a decree about what should live
within the tempest
repository nor does it have anything to do with the Interop program.

As I'm not deeply steeped in the history of either the Interop or QA teams I am
sure I've misrepresented some details here, I'm sorry about that. But we'd like
to get this resolution moving forward and we're currently stuck, so this thread
is intended to gather enough community input to get unstuck and avoid letting
this proposal become stale. Please respond to this thread or comment on the
resolution proposal[1] if you have any thoughts.


[1] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/521602
[2] https://governance.openstack.org/tc/resolutions/20160504-defcore-test-location.html
[3] https://governance.openstack.org/tc/goals/queens/split-tempest-plugins.html

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