[openstack-dev] [security] Security PTG Planning, x-project request for topics.

Luke Hinds lhinds at redhat.com
Thu Jan 11 15:33:36 UTC 2018

Hello All,

I am seeking topics for the PTG from all projects, as this will be where we
try out are new form of being a SIG.

For this PTG, we hope to facilitate more cross project collaboration topics
now that we are a SIG, so if your project has a security need / problem /
proposal than please do use the security SIG room where a larger audience
may be present to help solve problems and gain x-project consensus.

Please see our PTG planning pad [0] where I encourage you to add to the

[0] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/security-ptg-rocky

Luke Hinds
Security Project PTL
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