[openstack-dev] [oslo][oslo.log] JSON logs are missing the request ID

Saverio Proto saverio.proto at switch.ch
Thu Jan 11 14:23:46 UTC 2018


we recently enabled the JSON logging to feed a Kibana dashboard and look
at the logs with modern tooling.

however it looks like in our Openstack Newton deployment that some
information in the JSON files is missing.

most important missing bit is the request-id, that we use to track an
event across multiple log files on multiple hosts.

Looking at the code it really looks like the request ID is there for the
context formatter and not for the json formatter.



I am an operator and a very bad python developer, so can anyone confirm
that is really missing in the code, and it is not me configuring stuff
wrongly ?

If it is really missing the request-id in the json log formatter, should
I open a bug about this ?

thank you


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