[openstack-dev] [reno] questions about reno

Gaetan gaetan at xeberon.net
Mon Jan 8 16:59:55 UTC 2018


Thanks for your answers!

- unreleased notes appear in release note with a title such as "0.1.0-2".
> > Is it possible to not have any title or use "0.1.0-dev2" pattern like
> pbr ?
> I'm not sure why it matters, but if you want to work on that patch I'll
> help with reviews.

Ok, I'll see what I can do :)

> > - I guess that all notes should stay in the same folder version after
> > versions, and the
> > release notes of all versions will keep being automatically generated.
> > Don't you think
> > it might get difficult to manage all theses files? Is is possible to move
> > them in different folder (at least a folder "archives?)
> We've put off doing anything like that until we have a project with
> enough notes that we can observe the problems and decide how to fix
> them. Have you already reached that point or are you anticipating
> problems in the future?

No, just started using reno and just see that this folder might get messy
quickly. Maybe I over-think this, I agree with you to observe first

> > - it is possible to generate the NEWS file using reno ? I started trying
> > conversion with pandoc but the result are not great.
> How is the NEWS file different from CHANGES.txt that pbr produces? Is it
> the format, or the content?

So, I like PBR that generates ChangeLog from the git history, but it has
lot of details (maybe too much). So, I was thinking to store in NEWS only
the release note
As an example, you can look how I plan to use it for Guake:
I usually write the NEWS at each release manually (
https://github.com/Guake/guake/blob/master/NEWS), and that's where reno
shines in my eyes :)

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