[openstack-dev] [tc] Technical Committee Status update, January 5th

Thierry Carrez thierry at openstack.org
Fri Jan 5 09:43:44 UTC 2018


This is the weekly summary of Technical Committee initiatives. You can
find the full list of all open topics (updated twice a week) at:


If you are working on something (or plan to work on something)
governance-related that is not reflected on the tracker yet, please feel
free to add to it !

== Recently-approved changes ==

* New repos: blazar-tempest-plugin
* Goal updates: heat, aodh, vitrage, mistral

Not much happened during the holidays, just a few updates on the Queens

== Voting in progress ==

The new wording to limit upgrade assertion tags to OpenStack
"services" is still missing a couple of votes. Please see:


== Under discussion ==

The same items as last week carried out, mostly waiting for more
community input. Hopefully with the end of the holidays those changes
can get more community attention:

The discussion started by Graham Hayes to clarify how the testing of
interoperability programs should be organized in the age of add-on
trademark programs is still going on, with most people still trying to
wrap their heads around the various options. We'd welcome more opinions
on that thread, so please chime in on the review:


Matt Treinish proposed an update to the Python PTI for tests to be
specific and explicit. Wider community input is needed on that topic.
Please review at:


We still only have one goal proposed for Rocky. We need other proposals
before we can make a call. See the thread:


== TC member actions for the coming week(s) ==

With the new year, we should create ML threads to gather input on the
stuck changes above. We'll also try to get to a conclusion on the
release cycle length megathread as far as Rocky is concerned.

We should also think about other Rocky goals as it's more than time for
us to make progress there.

== Office hours ==

To be more inclusive of all timezones and more mindful of people for
which English is not the primary language, the Technical Committee
dropped its dependency on weekly meetings. So that you can still get
hold of TC members on IRC, we instituted a series of office hours on

* 09:00 UTC on Tuesdays
* 01:00 UTC on Wednesdays
* 15:00 UTC on Thursdays

For the coming week, I expect discussions on the stuck changes, as well
as Rocky goals.


Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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