[openstack-dev] [nova] Working toward Queens feature freeze and RC1

Matt Riedemann mriedemos at gmail.com
Thu Jan 4 00:02:53 UTC 2018

Now that most people are getting back into work after the holiday break, 
I thought I'd try and recap some of where we're at in the release, and 
what to look forward to in the next few weeks.



We have two big dates coming up:

1. Thursday, Jan 18 - non-client release freeze: This is the final 
release date for libraries like os-vif and os-traits. I'll be on 
vacation the week of the 15th so I'll actually be pushing for these 
releases on the 11th. *Let me know if you have work that depends on an 
os-vif or os-traits release so I can be sure it's in.*

2. Thursday, Jan 25 - queens-3 milestone, feature freeze and final 
novaclient release: We'll only have two weeks until RC1 (Feb 8) so I 
don't expect much in the way of feature freeze exceptions since we need 
that time to focus on stabilizing everything that made it in by the 
feature freeze, plus docs and upgrade work to prepare for Rocky.

I've started building a list of things that need to be done by the time 
we get to RC1:



Looking at the priorities for Queens:


* Alternate hosts is nearly done, but hit a snag today: 

* Nested resource providers: I'm going to need someone closer to this 
work like Jay or Eric to provide an update on where things are at in the 
series of changes and what absolutely needs to get done. I have 
personally found it hard to track what the main focus items are for the 
nested resource providers / traits / granular resource provider request 
changes so I need someone to summarize and lay out the review goals for 
the next two weeks.

* Volume multiattach support: There are some lower-hanging fruit changes 
up for review at the bottom of the series. Steve Noyes and I are working 
on getting the integration testing in place for this [1]. We're going to 
need to figure out what to do, if anything, about checking the new 
microversion in the compute API for multiattach and failing in the API 
vs failing in the compute. See my thoughts in the API patch [2]. There 
are also changes on the Cinder side that need to happen for multiattach 
to work (in the volume drivers, volume type and policy rules).

The rest of the blueprints are tracked here:


I've been trying to keep the stuff that has had a decent amount of 
review and progress sorted toward the top of the list since I'd like to 
focus on what can still get completed in Queens versus spreading the 
review load across everything that's still open.


* Our list of untriaged bugs is growing, we're up to 53. [3]

* As mentioned earlier, I'm going to be on vacation the week of the 
15th. I made the mistake of taking my laptop with me to Mexico last year 
around the Ocata FF/RC1 and I don't plan on doing that this time around. 
So if you need something from me, please be sure to bring it up before 
Friday the 12th at the latest. Once I'm back I'll be focusing on 
wrapping up for feature freeze and then RC1 and PTG planning.

[1] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/266633/
[2] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/271047/37
[3] http://tiny.cc/psmwpy




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