[openstack-dev] [tc] [all] TC Report 18-07

gordon chung gord at live.ca
Tue Feb 13 16:31:23 UTC 2018

On 2018-02-13 10:08 AM, Chris Dent wrote:
> # PostgreSQL and Triggers
> Later in the [same
> day](http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/irclogs/%23openstack-tc/%23openstack-tc.2018-02-07.log.html#t2018-02-07T17:18:56) 
> there was some discussion about the state of PostgreSQL support and
> the merit of using triggers to manage migrations. There were some
> pretty strong (and supported) assertions that triggers are not a good
> choice.

was there a resolution for this? iiuc, pgsql is not supported by glance 
based on: 

i don't know if it was a bad commit but it seems to break any case that 
tries to use pgsql (except if the db has all migrations applied already).

not making an opinion here, just asking as i have a patch[1] to remove 
pgsql gate from one of the telemetry projects that was affected and 
wondering if i should proceed.

[1] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/542240/


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