[openstack-dev] Supporting SSH host certificates

Giuseppe de Candia giuseppe.decandia at gmail.com
Fri Sep 29 19:21:06 UTC 2017

Hi Folks,

My intent in this e-mail is to solicit advice for how to inject SSH host
certificates into VM instances, with minimal or no burden on users.

Background (skip if you're already familiar with SSH certificates): without
host certificates, when clients ssh to a host for the first time (or after
the host has been re-installed), they have to hope that there's no man in
the middle and that the public key being presented actually belongs to the
host they're trying to reach. The host's public key is stored in the
client's known_hosts file. SSH host certicates eliminate the possibility of
Man-in-the-Middle attack: a Certificate Authority public key is distributed
to clients (and written to their known_hosts file with a special syntax and
options); the host public key is signed by the CA, generating an SSH
certificate that contains the hostname and validity period (among other
things). When negotiating the ssh connection, the host presents its SSH
host certificate and the client verifies that it was signed by the CA.

How to support SSH host certificates in OpenStack?

First, let's consider doing it by hand, instance by instance. The only
solution I can think of is to VNC to the instance, copy the public key to
my CA server, sign it, and then write the certificate back into the host
(again via VNC). I cannot ssh without risking a MITM attack. What about
using Nova user-data? User-data is exposed via the metadata service.
Metadata is queried via http (reply transmitted in the clear, susceptible
to snooping), and any compute node can query for any instance's

At this point I have to admit I'm ignorant of details of cloud-init. I know
cloud-init allows specifying SSH private keys (both for users and for SSH
service). I have not yet studied how such information is securely injected
into an instance. I assume it should only be made available via ConfigDrive
rather than metadata-service (again, that service transmits in the clear).

What about providing SSH host certificates as a service in OpenStack? Let's
keep out of scope issues around choosing and storing the CA keys, but the
CA key is per project. What design supports setting up the SSH host
certificate automatically for every VM instance?

I have looked at Vendor Data and I don't see a way to use that, mainly
because 1) it doesn't take parameters, so you can't pass the public key
out; and 2) it's queried over http, not https.

Just as a feasibility argument, one solution would be to modify Nova
compute instance boot code. Nova compute can securely query a CA service
asking for a triplet (private key, public key, SSH certificate) for the
specific hostname. It can then inject the triplet using ConfigDrive. I
believe this securely gets the private key into the instance.

I cannot figure out how to get the equivalent functionality without
modifying Nova compute and the boot process. Every solution I can think of
risks either exposing the private key or vulnerability to a MITM attack
during the signing process.

Your help is appreciated.

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