[openstack-dev] vGPUs support for Nova - Implementation

Dan Smith dms at danplanet.com
Fri Sep 29 13:33:12 UTC 2017

> The concepts of PCI and SR-IOV are, of course, generic

They are, although the PowerVM guys have already pointed out that they
don't even refer to virtual devices by PCI address and thus anything 
based on that subsystem isn't going to help them.

> but I think out of principal we should avoid a hypervisor-specific
> integration for vGPU (indeed Citrix has been clear from the beginning
> that the vGPU integration we are proposing is intentionally
> hypervisor agnostic) I also think there is value in exposing vGPU in
> a generic way, irrespective of the underlying implementation (whether
> it is DEMU, mdev, SR-IOV or whatever approach Hyper-V/VMWare use).

I very much agree, of course.


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