[openstack-dev] [neutron] using different dns domains in neutorn networks

Kim-Norman Sahm kim-norman.sahm at noris.de
Fri Sep 29 07:32:59 UTC 2017


i'm currently testing the integration of designate and i found the dns integration on neutron:

In this example the value "dns_domain = example.org." is set in the neutron.conf.
if i create a port with the "--dns_name fancyname" it is assigned to the domain example.org: fancyname.example.org.

if i set another domain name in another network "neutron net-update --dns-domain anotherdomain.org. net2" and create a port in this network the dns records is still in the example.org. domain.
is there a way to overwrite the global dns domain in a project and inherit the dns-domain to the ports in this network?

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