[openstack-dev] [nova] Forum topics brainstorming

Matt Riedemann mriedemos at gmail.com
Thu Sep 28 21:45:29 UTC 2017

On 9/21/2017 4:01 PM, Matt Riedemann wrote:
> So this shouldn't be news now that I've read back through a few emails 
> in the mailing list (I've been distracted with the Pike release, PTG 
> planning, etc) [1][2][3] but we have until Sept 29 to come up with 
> whatever forum sessions we want to propose.
> There is already an etherpad for Nova [4].
> The list of proposed topics is here [5]. The good news is we're not the 
> last ones to this party.
> So let's start throwing things on the etherpad and figure out what we 
> want to propose as forum session topis. If memory serves me, in Pike we 
> were pretty liberal in what we proposed.
> [1] 
> http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2017-September/121783.html 
> [2] 
> http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2017-September/122143.html 
> [3] 
> http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2017-September/122454.html 
> [4] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/SYD-nova-brainstorming
> [5] http://forumtopics.openstack.org/

The deadline for Queens Forum topic submissions is tomorrow. Based on 
our etherpad:


I plan to propose something like:

1. Cells v2 update and direction

This would be an update on what happened in Pike, upgrade impacts, known 
issues, etc and what we're doing in Queens. I think we'd also lump the 
Pike quota behavior changes in here too if possible.

2. Placement update and direction

Same as the Cells v2 discussion - a Pike update and the focus items for 
Queens. This would also be a place we can mention the Ironic flavor 
migration to custom resource classes that happens in Pike.

3. Queens development focus and checkpoint

This would be a session to discuss anything in flight for Queens, what 
we're working on, and have a chance to ask questions of operators/users 
for feedback. For example, we plan to add vGPU support but it will be 
quite simple to start, similar with volume multi-attach.

4. Michael Still had an item in the etherpad about privsep. That could 
be a cross-project educational session on it's own if he's going to give 
a primer on what privsep is again and how it's integrated into projects. 
This session could be lumped into #3 above but is probably better on 
it's own if it's going to include discussion about operational impacts. 
I'm going to ask that mikal runs with this though.


There are some other things in the etherpad about hardware acceleration 
features and documentation, and I'll leave it up to others if they want 
to propose those sessions.




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