[openstack-dev] [tripleo] plans on testing minor updates?

Emilien Macchi emilien at redhat.com
Thu Sep 28 16:32:23 UTC 2017

On Thu, Sep 28, 2017 at 9:22 AM, Wesley Hayutin <whayutin at redhat.com> wrote:
> OK.. I think the solution is to start migrating these jobs to RDO Software
> Factory third party testing.
> Here is what I propose:
> 1. Start with an experiment check job
> https://review.rdoproject.org/r/#/c/9823/
> This will help us confirm that everything works or fails as we expect.  We
> are
> also afforded a configurable timeout \0/. It's currently set to 360 minutes
> for the overcloud upgrade jobs.
> 2. Once this is proven out, we can run upgrade jobs as third party on any
> review upstream
> 3. New coverage should be prototyped in RDO Software Factory
> 4. If jobs prove to be reliable and consistent and run under 170 minutes we
> move what
> we can back upstream.

I think this is mega cool, although your work is related to *Upgrades*
and not minor updates but still super cool.

Note: FTR we discussed on IRC that we would probably do the same kind
of thing for minor updates testing.

Thanks Wes,
Emilien Macchi

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