[openstack-dev] vGPUs support for Nova - Implementation

Sahid Orentino Ferdjaoui sferdjao at redhat.com
Thu Sep 28 15:37:36 UTC 2017

Please consider the support of MDEV for the /pci framework which
provides support for vGPUs [0].

Accordingly to the discussion [1]

With this first implementation which could be used as a skeleton for
implementing PCI Devices in Resource Tracker we provide support for
attaching vGPUs to guests. And also to provide affinity per NUMA
nodes. An other important point is that that implementation can take
advantage of the ongoing specs like PCI NUMA policies.

* The Implementation [0]

[PATCH 01/13] pci: update PciDevice object field 'address' to accept
[PATCH 02/13] pci: add for PciDevice object new field mdev
[PATCH 03/13] pci: generalize object unit-tests for different
[PATCH 04/13] pci: add support for mdev device type request
[PATCH 05/13] pci: generalize stats unit-tests for different
[PATCH 06/13] pci: add support for mdev devices type devspec
[PATCH 07/13] pci: add support for resource pool stats of mdev
[PATCH 08/13] pci: make manager to accept handling mdev devices

In this serie of patches we are generalizing the PCI framework to
handle MDEV devices. We arguing it's a lot of patches but most of them
are small and the logic behind is basically to make it understand two
new fields MDEV_PF and MDEV_VF.

[PATCH 09/13] libvirt: update PCI node device to report mdev devices
[PATCH 10/13] libvirt: report mdev resources
[PATCH 11/13] libvirt: add support to start vm with using mdev (vGPU)

In this serie of patches we make libvirt driver support, as usually,
return resources and attach devices returned by the pci manager. This
part can be reused for Resource Provider.

[PATCH 12/13] functional: rework fakelibvirt host pci devices
[PATCH 13/13] libvirt: resuse SRIOV funtional tests for MDEV devices

Here we reuse 100/100 of the functional tests used for SR-IOV
devices. Again here, this part can be reused for Resource Provider.

* The Usage

There are no difference between SR-IOV and MDEV, from operators point
of view who knows how to expose SR-IOV devices in Nova, they already
know how to expose MDEV devices (vGPUs).

Operators will be able to expose MDEV devices in the same manner as
they expose SR-IOV:

 1/ Configure whitelist devices


 2/ Create aliases

 [{"vendor_id":"10de", "name":"vGPU"}]

 3/ Configure the flavor

 openstack flavor set --property "pci_passthrough:alias"="vGPU:1"

* Limitations

The mdev does not provide 'product_id' but 'mdev_type' which should be
considered to exactly identify which resource users can request e.g:
nvidia-10. To provide that support we have to add a new field
'mdev_type' so aliases could be something like:

 {"vendor_id":"10de", mdev_type="nvidia-10" "name":"alias-nvidia-10"}
 {"vendor_id":"10de", mdev_type="nvidia-11" "name":"alias-nvidia-11"}

I do have plan to add but first I need to have support from upstream
to continue that work.

[0] https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/nova+branch:master+topic:pci-mdev-support
[1] http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2017-September/122591.html

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