[openstack-dev] [kuryr] vPTG schedule

Antoni Segura Puimedon celebdor at gmail.com
Thu Sep 28 09:48:20 UTC 2017

Hi fellow Kuryrs!

It's that time of the cycle again where we hold our virtual project team
gathering[0]. The dates this time are:

October 2nd, 3rd and 4th

The proposed sessions are:

October 2nd 13:00utc: Scale discussion
    In this session we'll talk about the recent scale testing we have performed
    in a 112 node cluster. From this starting point. We'll work on identifying
    and prioritizing several initiatives to improve the performance of the
    pod-in-VM and the baremetal scenarios.

October 2nd 14:00utc: Scenario testing
    The September 27th's release of zuulv3 opens the gates for better scenario
    testing, specially regarding multinode scenarios. We'll discuss the tasks
    and outstanding challenges to achieve good scenario testing coverage and
    document well how to write these tests in our tempest plugin.

October 3rd 13:00utc: Multi networks
    As the Kubernetes community Network SIG draws near to having a consensus on
    multi network implementations, we must elaborate a plan on a PoC that takes
    the upstream Kubernetes consensus and implements it with Kuryr-Kubernetes
    in a way that we can serve normal overlay and accelerated networking.

October 4th 14:00utc: Network Policy
    Each cycle we aim to narrow the gap between Kubernetes networking entities
    and our translations. In this cycle, apart from the Loadbalancer service
    type support, we'll be tackling how we map Network Policy to Neutron
    networking. This session will first lay out Network Policy and its use and
    then discuss about one or more mappings.

October 5th 13:00utc: Kuryr-libnetwork
    We'll do the cycle planing for Kuryr-libnetwork. Blueprints and bugs and
    general discussion.

October 6th 14:00utc: Fuxi
    In this session we'll discuss everything related to storage, both in the
    Docker and in the Kubernetes worlds.

I'll put the links to the bluejeans sessions in the etherpad[0].

[0] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/kuryr-queens-vPTG

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