[openstack-dev] vGPUs support for Nova

Sahid Orentino Ferdjaoui sferdjao at redhat.com
Mon Sep 25 09:39:06 UTC 2017

There is a desire to expose the vGPUs resources on top of Resource
Provider which is probably the path we should be going in the long
term. I was not there for the last PTG and you probably already made a
decision about moving in that direction anyway. My personal feeling is
that it is premature.

The nested Resource Provider work is not yet feature-complete and
requires more reviewer attention. If we continue in the direction of
Resource Provider, it will need at least 2 more releases to expose the
vGPUs feature and that without the support of NUMA, and with the
feeling of pushing something which is not stable/production-ready.

It's seems safer to first have the Resource Provider work well
finalized/stabilized to be production-ready. Then on top of something
stable we could start to migrate our current virt specific features
like NUMA, CPU Pinning, Huge Pages and finally PCI devices.

I'm talking about PCI devices in general because I think we should
implement the vGPU on top of our /pci framework which is production
ready and provides the support of NUMA.

The hardware vendors building their drivers using mdev and the /pci
framework currently understand only SRIOV but on a quick glance it
does not seem complicated to make it support mdev.

In the /pci framework we will have to:

* Update the PciDevice object fields to accept NULL value for
  'address' and add new field 'uuid'
* Update PciRequest to handle a new tag like 'vgpu_types'
* Update PciDeviceStats to also maintain pool of vGPUs

The operators will have to create alias(-es) and configure
flavors. Basically most of the logic is already implemented and the
method 'consume_request' is going to select the right vGPUs according
the request.

In /virt we will have to:

* Update the field 'pci_passthrough_devices' to also include GPUs
* Update attach/detach PCI device to handle vGPUs

We have a few people interested in working on it, so we could
certainly make this feature available for Queen.

I can take the lead updating/implementing the PCI and libvirt driver
part, I'm sure Jianghua Wang will be happy to take the lead for the
virt XenServer part.

And I trust Jay, Stephen and Sylvain to follow the developments.


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