[openstack-dev] [networking-ovn] Support for direct vnic_type

Moshe Levi moshele at mellanox.com
Fri Sep 22 14:09:41 UTC 2017

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> Thanks Moshe for the quick reply.
> I can definitely use some guidance for contributing on this( a newbie here).
> Few questions:
> 1. Do you think this support could be added in queens release cycle? I think
> blueprints submission for queens is closed right?
I think it still open
> 2. For adding this support, some changes to the OVN components might be
> required too or just changes in the networking-ovn driver would be enough?
I am not sure I have not look on OVN at all. I would suggest to start with the networking-ovn to see if it working  
> 3. What tool do you guys use to deploy a muti-node cluster to start
> development? We used PackStack to deploy a 3-node Pike cluster with OVN,
> and it gave us enough nightmares of a lifetime.J
We use devstack. 
> -Pranab

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