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> Hi,
> We have a SRIOV capable NIC that supports OVS offload and Switchdev.
> We are trying to test the VifHostDevice model on a Pike cluster. We are
> running into issues. Here are the config options that we have
> used:
> 1. In Neutron conf file: mechanism driver = ovn 
[Mooney, Sean K] looking at the networking-ovn ml2 dirver vnic type direct is not supported
the hardware offload support for melonox nics is only supported with the openvswitch or odl ml2 dirvers
netronome smartnics require the use of the agilio ovs ml2 dirver which supports
dirct and virtio forwarder mode

if you wish to use ovn you will need to modify the ovn ml2 dirver to add vnic_type direct to the supported vnictypes.

>2. In Nova conf file:
> passthrough_whitelist = {"address":"0000:02:00.*"} 3. Created a port as
> vnic_type=direct and launched instances.
> It gives the following error - Nova error : "No net device was found
> for VF"
> Am I missing some other config options?
[Mooney, Sean K] no but as I mentioned above ovn is not currently supported.
I belive you should have a log message in the neutron server log also as when neutron calls
The the networking-ovn ml2 driver here
we simply retrun on line 502 here after logging.
if you only have the ovn ml2 driver enabled you should set the prot with vif_type_binding_failed howver if you have
the sriovnicagent also enable it may be masking the isses as 
will continue to try the other dirvers.

Assuming ovn in the only enabled mech driver i belive this should result in the vif_type being set to VIF_TYPE_BINDING_FAILED as
will not return anyting so we should execute 
you should be able to configm this by doing a port show and/or checking the neutron server log.

> Also, how can I check the logs that are related to the os-vif library?
[Mooney, Sean K] the logs are present in the n-cpu log as os-vif executes with the nova compute agent.
> Let me know if further details are required.
> TIA,
> Pranab
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