[openstack-dev] [docs][ptls][install] Install guide vs. tutorial

Alexandra Settle a.settle at outlook.com
Thu Sep 21 11:33:07 UTC 2017

> For me, a tutorial is something that teaches. So after I've gone through a
    > tutorial I would expect to have learned how installs work and would just know
    > these things (with an occasional need to reference a few points) going forward.
    > A guide to me is something that I know I will use whenever I need to do
    > something. So for me, having an installation guide is what I would expect
    > from this as every time I need to do a package based install, I am going to pull
    > up the guide to go through it.
    So Sean has the opposite impression from Eric and I.  Yeah, that does 
    make it seem like reaching a consensus will be difficult.
    At that point I think consistency becomes the most important thing.

I completely agree consistency is more important, than bike shedding over the name :)
To be honest, it would be easier to change everything to ‘guide’ – seeing as all our URLs are ‘install-guide’.
But that’s the lazy in me speaking.

Industry wise – there does seem to be more of a trend towards ‘guide’ rather than ‘tutorial’. Although, that is at a cursory glance.

I am happy to investigate further, if this matter is of some contention to people?

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