[openstack-dev] [nova] Is there any reason to exclude originally failed build hosts during live migration?

Matt Riedemann mriedemos at gmail.com
Wed Sep 20 18:47:18 UTC 2017

It's a weird question, so I'll explain.

An issue came up in IRC today where someone was trying to live migrate 
an instance to a specified host, and the RetryFilter in the scheduler 
was kicking out the specified host, even though other similar instances 
were live migrating to that specified host successfully.

After some DB debugging, we figured out that the instance that failed to 
live migrate has a persisted request spec which listed the specified 
host as an originally attempted host during the initial instance create. 
The RetryFilter was tripping up on this during live migration saying, 
essentially, "you've already tried that host, sorry".

This was confusing because the live migration task in conductor actually 
manually handles retries if pre-migration checks fail on the selected 
destination host. This is why we have the "migrate_max_retries" config 

The actual fix for this is trivial:


I wanted to bring it up here in case anyone had a good reason why we 
should not continue to exclude originally failed hosts during live 
migration, even if the admin is specifying one of those hosts for the 
live migration destination.

Presumably there was a good reason why the instance failed to build on a 
host originally, but that could be for any number of reasons: resource 
claim failed during a race, configuration issues, etc. Since we don't 
really know what originally happened, it seems reasonable to not exclude 
originally attempted build targets since the scheduler filters should 
still validate them during live migration (this is all assuming you're 
not using the 'force' flag with live migration - and if you are, all 
bets are off).

If people agree with doing this fix, then we also have to consider 
making a similar fix for other move operations like cold migrate, 
evacuate and unshelve. However, out of those other move operations, only 
cold migrate attempts any retries. If evacuate or unshelve fail on the 
target host, there is no retry.




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