[openstack-dev] [neutron][oslo.messaging][femdc]Topic names for every resource type RPC endpoint

Matthieu Simonin matthieu.simonin at inria.fr
Wed Sep 20 07:58:06 UTC 2017


In the Neutron docs about RPCs and Callbacks system, it is said[1] :

"With the underlying oslo_messaging support for dynamic topics on the receiver
we cannot implement a per “resource type + resource id” topic, rabbitmq seems
to handle 10000’s of topics without suffering, but creating 100’s of
oslo_messaging receivers on different topics seems to crash."

I wonder if this statements still holds for the new transports supported in
oslo.messaging (e.g Kafka, AMQP1.0) or if it's more a design limitation.
I'm interested in any relevant docs/links/reviews on the "topic" :).

Moreover, I'm curious to get an idea on how many different resources a Neutron
Agent would have to manage and thus how many oslo_messaging receivers would be
required (e.g how many security groups a neutron agent has to manage ?) - at
least the order of magnitude.



[1]: https://docs.openstack.org/neutron/latest/contributor/internals/rpc_callbacks.html#topic-names-for-every-resource-type-rpc-endpoint

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