[openstack-dev] Update on Zuul v3 Rollout plans for PTG week

Monty Taylor mordred at inaugust.com
Mon Sep 18 18:34:58 UTC 2017

tl;dr - We didn't roll v3 out at the PTG, current plan is 2017-09-25.

On 09/09/2017 08:55 AM, Monty Taylor wrote:
> Heya everybody!
> You may or may not be aware that we've been targeting a go-live for Zuul 
> v3 for Monday of the PTG. After our status meeting on the topic this 
> afternoon we have decided to hold-off and do a bit more work on the 
> migration itself while we're in Denver together.
> Zuul v3 itself is in great shape, but it turns out a community of 
> thousands of developers has produced a LOT of job content over the last 
> 7 years, and we want to hammer on the translation and migration plans a 
> bit more before we unleash it on everyone. If all goes well we're still 
> hoping to leave Denver having migrated all the things.

In case you didn't notice, we're still running v2.5. While Zuul v3 
itself is in great shape, we're still getting the job migration script 
solid to the point where we're comfortable the impact will be mimimal 
for most folks.

Since we're doing the Gerrit upgrade today, the new plan is to do the v3 
cutover next Monday, 2017-09-25.

We do not expect the cutover to take a long time - certainly not as long 
as the Gerrit upgrade.

We also had some really good interactions with folks about new job 
content at the PTG, so while we're not rolled out, the time was actually 
very productive.

> We have a session planned Monday afternoon to go over v3 and what it 
> means at 2:00PM in Vail. That session is still on, however, for those of 
> you who either can't be there or prefer reading, we've also put a bunch 
> of migration information into the Infra Manual:
>    https://docs.openstack.org/infra/manual/zuulv3.html

Quick shout-out to everyone who came to the session. It was scheduled as 
a 30 minute session and wound up lasting 2.5 hours because of all of the 
EXCELLENT questions.

One that came up a few times that's worth bringing up here is:

"What about Third Party CI operators?"

Our STRONG recommendation is for the Third Party folks to hold off and 
not attempt to upgrade immediately. As soon as we're done migrating 
OpenStack we'll be focusing on fleshing out the documentation, and I'm 
sure we'll find some new bugs we need to squash. We'd like to ensure 
bugs have settled down, that there are good operational docs and at 
least a solid Third Party Migration FAQ before Third Party folks upgrade.

We also want to have puppet-openstackci updated properly for people who 
are using that.

Finally, we have written a migration script for OpenStack. It's MOSTLY 
configurable and should be usable by Third Party folks - but as the 
primary focus has been on OpenStack's transition, there are a few 
hard-coded things and a few places where assumptions were likely made. 
We'll want to work with our Third Party community on fixing any 
Infra-specific issues in that script before we recommend a wide rollout.

(PS. Please do not look at the code in the migration script. It is some 
of the ugliest and wonkiest code I've ever written and I wouldn't want 
you all to think less of me)

> As we work over the first part of the week you may see Zuul running some 
> jobs on your patches and leaving results. If you do - don't freak out, 
> it's just us making sure things are working. We also may grab a few of 
> you to verify that migrated versions of your jobs are working properly. 
> Or you may not notice anything at all until the go-live happens.

We may still do that this week, so the advice holds true. If you see 
Zuul start to comment on patches in your project, don't freak out. 
HOWEVER - if Zuul does leave a comment this week and the results are 
different from what Jenkins leaves, it would be helpful to compare the 
output and let us know if the new Zuul jobs are doing the wrong things.

The content will not be identical, as v3 handles several things 
fundamentally differently. But if you have a job that thinks it's 
testing devstack with magnum enabled and that is not happening, then 
that's very important for us to figure out.

Thanks for your patience! It was great to talk to everyone we were able 
to connect with at the PTG. We're looking forward to rolling this out 
and getting a bunch of new tools in everyone's hands next week.


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