[openstack-dev] [ptg] Simplification in OpenStack

Mike Perez thingee at gmail.com
Tue Sep 12 21:33:14 UTC 2017

Hey all,

The session is over. I’m hanging near registration if anyone wants to
discuss things. Shout out to John for coming by on discussions with
simplifying dependencies. I welcome more packagers to join the


Mike Perez

On September 12, 2017 at 11:45:05, Mike Perez (thingee at gmail.com) wrote:
> Hey all,
> Back in a joint meeting with the TC, UC, Foundation and The Board it was decided as an area
> of OpenStack to focus was Simplifying OpenStack. This intentionally was very broad
> so the community can kick start the conversation and help tackle some broad feedback
> we get.
> Unfortunately yesterday there was a low turn out in the Simplification room. A group
> of people from the Swift team, Kevin Fox and Swimingly were nice enough to start the conversation
> and give some feedback. You can see our initial ether pad work here:
> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/simplifying-os
> There are efforts happening everyday helping with this goal, and our team has made some
> documented improvements that can be found in our report to the board within the ether
> pad. I would like to take a step back with this opportunity to have in person discussions
> for us to identify what are the area of simplifying that are worthwhile. I’m taking a break
> from the room at the moment for lunch, but I encourage people at 13:30 local time to meet
> at the simplification room level b in the big thompson room. Thank you!
>> Mike Perez

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