[openstack-dev] [ptg][nova][neutron] modelling network capabilities and capacity in placement and nova neutron port binding negociation.

Mooney, Sean K sean.k.mooney at intel.com
Mon Sep 11 17:11:40 UTC 2017

Hi everyone,

I'm interested in set up a white boarding session at the ptg to discuss
How to model network backend in placement and use that info as part of scheduling

This work would also intersect on the nova neutron port binding  negotiation
Work that is also in flight so I think there is merit in combining both topic into one

For several release we have been discussing a negotiation protocol that would
Allow nova/compute services to tell neutron what virtual and physical interfaces
a hypervisor can support and then allow neutron to select from that set the most appriote
vif type based on the capabilities of the network backend deployed by the host.

Extending that concept with the capabilities provided by placement and trait
Will enable us to model the network capablites of a specific network backend
In an scheduler friendly way without nova needing to understand networking.

To that end  if people are interested in  having a while boarding session to dig
Into this let me know.

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