[openstack-dev] Unified Limits work stalled - next steps, need for new leadership

Sean Dague sean at dague.net
Thu Sep 7 19:18:29 UTC 2017

This is an email that's probably overdue, but time gets away from all of 
us. Coming out of Atlanta and even Boston we were pushing pretty hard on 
a new approach to unify limits, as well as building the infrastructure 
to have hierarchical limits possible in OpenStack (keystone merged spec 

However, this effort pretty much as run out of gas, and really needs a 
new driver (or set of drivers) to make forward progress. My current set 
of responsibilities doesn't really make it possible for me to own 
driving this (though I will be happy to help others). That seems to also 
be true of many of the others that were engaged.

This is going out in advance of the PTG in case any developer(s), or 
organizations feel that hierarchical limits are a priority for them, and 
would be willing to step up there. If so please feel free to reach out, 
and we can carve out some PTG time in helping a new push organize here.

However, without new leadership here, the current plan is to just put 
the effort to rest.


Sean Dague

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