[openstack-dev] [nova] [neutron] Adding neutron VIF NUMA locality support

Stephen Finucane sfinucan at redhat.com
Thu Sep 7 16:42:25 UTC 2017


NUMA locality matters as much for NICs used e.g for Open vSwitch as for SR-IOV
devices. At the moment, nova support NUMA affinity for PCI passthrough devices
and SR-IOV devices, but it makes no attempt to do the same for other NICs. In
the name of NFV enablement, we should probably close this gap.

I have some ideas around how this could work, but they're fuzzy enough and
involve exchanging os-vif objects between nova and neutron. This is probably
the most difficult path as we've been trying to get os-vif objects over the
nova-neutron wire for a while now, to no success.

Anyone else keen on such a feature? Given that there are a significant amount
of people from nova, neutron, and general NFV backgrounds at the PTG next
week, we have a very good opportunity to talk about this (either in the nova-
neutron sync, if that's not already full, or in some hallway somewhere).

At this point in the day, this is probably very much a Rocky feature, but we
could definitely put in whatever groundwork is necessary this cycle to make the
work in Rocky as easy possible.


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