[openstack-dev] [ptg][heat] Heat PTG + Virtual meetup Agenda

Rico Lin rico.lin.guanyu at gmail.com
Thu Sep 7 10:44:47 UTC 2017

Hi heat members

As we're going to have PTG in Denver(and online)
Here are schedules and Etherpads for it [1].

Encourage all to join us remotely if you can't make it to Denver!, we
welcome anyone shares their ideas, experiences, efforts, and stories to us
to help us make our design/implement better.

Attached an ics file, feel free to add it to your calendar

As we discussed in heat meeting, this Heat PTG will be a mixed format,
Physical PTG room + Virtual Online channel together.
The virtual link will share in [1], and if anything went wrong(like we have
to change room URL), we will update to etherpad as well. So keep update to
date with the etherpad.

Also please notice that we won't host team meeting next week.

[1] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/heat-queens-ptg

May The Force of OpenStack Be With You,

*Rico Lin*irc: ricolin
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