[openstack-dev] [mogan] Adds ability to create bare metal servers without an OS

Zhenguo Niu niu.zglinux at gmail.com
Sat Oct 28 02:52:56 UTC 2017

Hi folks!

We plan to add a new no-OS option [1] for users who wants to run a
proprietary, externally licensed, or customized operating system on a bare
metal server.

A bare metal server with no operating system can be set up to boot and load
the OS from a PXE setup. For this to work properly, the PXE setup needs to
be in the same tenant network with the bare metal server, that is to say,
users need to create a VM or bare metal instance with existing OS for PXE
setup and maybe also some unique installation tools/scripts.

This new option streamlines the deployment process and eliminates
installation of the unnecessary operating system. A spec for this will be
proposed soon, if you are interested, please help to give some suggestions
there then, thanks!

[1] https://blueprints.launchpad.net/mogan/+spec/no-os-server

Best Regards,
Zhenguo Niu
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