[openstack-dev] [release] Release countdown for week R-17, October 28 - November 3

Doug Hellmann doug at doughellmann.com
Thu Oct 26 20:14:34 UTC 2017

Excerpts from Sean McGinnis's message of 2017-10-26 13:46:23 -0500:
> With much anticipation, our regular release countdown email.
> Development Focus
> -----------------
> Now that the Queens-1 milestone is passed*, teams should now be focused on
> feature development and completion of release goals [0].
> [1] https://governance.openstack.org/tc/goals/queens/index.html
> * Not all Q-1 releases have been processed at the time of this email. We are
>   continuing to work through issues and have been able to start processing a
>   few releases. We will continue to slowly work through these until we are
>   confident that everything is working as expected. If your project's Q-1
>   release does go through but you notice anything out of the ordinary, please
>   let me or anyone in the #openstack-release channel know so we can
>   investigate.

In the course of fixing some of the release issues, we noticed that
some deliverables are configured with what appear to be the wrong
release jobs. It's not clear if this is the result of the zuulv3
migration, other changes, or if we just haven't noticed it before.
We have added some additional validation to the releases repository
to catch these cases.

If you see release patches fail with new errors about the release
jobs we can help you decide whether to fix the job or to set the
release type for the deliverable to allow the existing job to be
used. Ask in #openstack-release or via an email to openstack-dev tagged


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