[openstack-dev] Regarding Multi-Factor Authentication

Puneet Jain punitjain at csu.fullerton.edu
Thu Oct 12 22:49:21 UTC 2017

Hi All,

The OpenStack login screen has just login name and password for validation.
Now, if someone writes a script to perform DoS attacks by sending a lot of
fake login requests, the server will easily become unavailable.

I know there is a section in the security page which talks about
multi-factor authentication. However, each organization has to implement
this at their own (Correct me if I am wrong here).


Is there any property based solution to provide multifactor authentication?
Like, the multi-factor implementation would be a part of OpenStack
installation but would be unavailable by default and if an organization
enables that property, they will have the multifactor authentication

I apologize if my question is very basic. I am quite new to OpenStack.

Puneet Jain

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