[openstack-dev] [ironic] How is the interface for tftpboot server typically configured on OVS ?

Waines, Greg Greg.Waines at windriver.com
Thu Oct 12 22:42:31 UTC 2017


We are in the process of integrating OpenStack Ironic into our own OpenStack Distribution.

One of the areas that we cannot find a good description of is:
    How is the interface for the tftpboot server typically configured on OVS ?


·         i know tftpboot server runs on the same node as ironic-conductor,

·         i know tftpboot server needs to have an interface on the ‘provisioning’ tenant network, and

·         i know the tftpboot server IP address and the ‘provisioning’ network are configured in ironic.conf

·         BUT

o    how is the interface on the ‘provisioning’ tenant network configured for tftpboot server ?

§  i.e. how is it configured on OVS ?

·         assuming it would be an OVS virtual port that would be connected to
the ‘provisioning’ tenant network

§  i.e. how is this done upstream ?

·         is a TAP(?) interface configured ?

·         is a Neutron Port configured on the ‘provisioning’ tenant network,
with a reserved IP Address from ‘provisioining’ tenant network’s subnet and
         a MAC address from TAP interface ?

·         the L2-Agent manages the binding of the TAP Interface to the
‘provisioning’ tenant network within OVS ?

Can anybody point me to or provide a detailed description of how this is done upstream ?

thanks in advance,
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