[openstack-dev] IBM z/VM CI asks for reporting permission to Nova changes

Xiao Mei GZ Zheng xmzheng at cn.ibm.com
Thu Oct 12 04:42:11 UTC 2017


I'm requesting reporting permission (non-voting) to Nova changes for the
IBM z/VM CI. The wiki is on link [1].

We designed the CI using nodepool , zuul and Jenkins. The newly uploaded
patches will receive an initial +/-1 reports from Jenkins only for the nova
project (just comments on patches but not vote on them). Tests completed on
the z/VM Driver CI system check-nova pipeline. For more information see[2].
To recheck it, you just submit a comment with only zvm:recheck in the

The IBM z/VM CI system has been running for a long time in a stable
fashion. We present all test artifacts on a public link [3] to make
debugging failed tests easier. You can see environment details, openstack
logs and tempest logs.

* Gerrit Account: zvmosci

* Gerrit query on patches where the CI commented: [4]

* Proposal for naming: IBM z/VM CI

For any questions feel free to reach out to me (Laurene) or to Leon!

[1] https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/ThirdPartySystems/IBM_z/VM_CI

[2] https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/ZVMDriver/zVM-CI

[3] http://extbasicopstackcilog01.podc.sl.edst.ibm.com/ci_status/

[4] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/410596/

Thanks & Best Regards!

Laurene(Xiao Mei) Zheng
Software developer,  CSTL
IBM China Systems & Technology Lab (CSTL)
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