[openstack-dev] [all][elections] TC nomination period is now over

Tony Breeds tony at bakeyournoodle.com
Wed Oct 11 01:11:06 UTC 2017

On Wed, Oct 11, 2017 at 12:18:30AM +0000, Kendall Nelson wrote:
> Hello!TC Nomination is now over. The official candidate list is available
> on the election website[0].We now enter the campaigning period where
> candidates and electorate may debate their statements.The election will
> start this Saturday.Thank you,Kendall Nelson (diablo_rojo)
> [0]: http://governance.openstack.org/election/#pike-tc-candidates

We're slightly backlogged on publish jobs.  The URL above is corerect
and will be updated but for now check:


Yours Tony.
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