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Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Tue Oct 10 15:15:40 UTC 2017

As my first year on the OpenStack Technical Committee draws to a
close, I'm standing for reelection to a second term. I hold
consistent, strong views in favor of free software and
open/transparent community process, and vote my conscience on any
matters brought before the TC. I have experience as a user, an
operator and a developer, and do my best to accurately represent
concerns from all these perspectives. I feel honored to have
participated in the drafting of a TC vision, the decision to
encourage more strategic investment from contributors through
creation of a community-wide "help wanted" list, restructuring the
TC meeting/discussion model to improve accessibility across
time zones and cultures, and closer collaboration with the User
Committee and adjacent communities through the emergence of
role-neutral Special Interest Groups.

My personal vision for OpenStack is that of a vibrant and diverse
community packed with part-time and volunteer user-contributors
working in harmony (but also occasional creative cacophony) toward
well-defined common goals, and I intend to continue my efforts to
achieve this regardless of whatever elected positions I may hold. In
the past year I led the work to eliminate what I saw as a major
source of pain and confusion for new contributor on-boarding: the
technical requirement to join the OpenStack Foundation in order to
be able to submit patches to official projects. Following in that
theme, my primary goal for the coming year is to finally put an end
to Contributor License Agreement enforcement for patch submissions
(our long-awaited switch to Developer Certificate of Origin
"Signed-off-by" footers in commit messages).

Besides serving on the TC, I've been a core reviewer and root
sysadmin on OpenStack's community-maintained project infrastructure
for five years. I served the past two years as the Infrastructure
Project Team Lead but recently stepped down so as to free up
additional time to focus on broader community-wide governance. I've
also been doing vulnerability management in OpenStack for over four
years, regularly help with elections, chaired conference tracks
several times, and given talks to other communities on a variety of
OpenStack-related topics. I'm in regular attendance at two of the
three weekly TC office hours, but am also happy to entertain
concerns from anyone (publicly or in private) at any time; I love
hearing from members of our community and attempting to find answers
for you.
Jeremy Stanley
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