[openstack-dev] [nova] [placement] resource providers update 36

Ed Leafe ed at leafe.com
Sat Oct 7 03:15:35 UTC 2017

On Oct 6, 2017, at 8:21 AM, Chris Dent <cdent+os at anticdent.org> wrote:

> The extent to which an
> allocation request is not always opaque and the need to be explicit
> about microversions was clarified, so edleafe is going to make some
> adjustments, after first resolving the prerequisite code (alternate
> hosts: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/486215/ ).

For the record, what was clarified was that the agreement that the allocation_request blob that had been previously agreed to as an opaque blob had been compromised by some last-minute hacks to get migrations working before the Pike deadline. As a result of this change, it was now necessary to add versioning to these allocation_request objects, because now Nova or any other service could be altering them as they saw fit. I still think that this is a terrible design, but I will bow to the pressure to go along with accommodating the change to the previous design.

-- Ed Leafe

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