[openstack-dev] [election] [tc] TC Candidacy

Amrith Kumar amrith.kumar at gmail.com
Fri Oct 6 14:23:55 UTC 2017

I wish to submit my candidacy for election to the OpenStack Technical
Committee. I have never been elected to the Technical Committee before
but, I have never believed that being elected is a requirement to
participate in the deliberations. I have therefore been a frequent
participant and a consistent follower of the activities of the TC.

My focus on the TC would be (consistent with prior candidacies for the
TC) to make it easier for people to deploy and use OpenStack, and make
it easier for people to get involved in, participate, and contribute
to OpenStack.

I have been an active technical contributor to OpenStack for about
four years[1], involved in Trove for that entire period of time. I have
been the PTL for Trove for three cycles (Newton, Ocata and Pike). I
was reelected for Queen but at the PTG that position was transitioned
over to another member of the team[2] as I move my focus to a new DBaaS
implementation for OpenStack (tenantively named Hoard).

During these four years, I have been involved in a number of the
initiatives of the TC including most significantly the Stewardship
Working Group which began the process of writing the TC Vision
document. I attended the first of the Stewardship training sessions in
Michigan where the idea of the cross-project goals was conceived of
(by Doug Hellmann and others), an initiative that I am strongly
supportive of.

I have also been active in activities to improve the overall
participation in OpenStack, through mentorship, outreach to
educational institions. This is a key aspect of my current role,
employed at Verizon Wireless in the team that has built, and operates
one of the largest OpenStack deployments around. The team now includes
Brian Rosmaita, and Graham Hayes, and we are actively hiring more
contributors to the team.

I thank you for reading, and appreciate your vote.

[1] http://stackalytics.com/?release=all&metric=commits&user_id=amrith
[2] http://openstack.markmail.org/thread/txurdd5bhbzsebtq


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