[openstack-dev] [all] Zuul v3 Status - and Rollback Information

Monty Taylor mordred at inaugust.com
Tue Oct 3 16:40:48 UTC 2017

Hey everybody!

Thank you all for your patience over the last week as we've worked 
through the v3 rollout.  While we anticipated some problems, we've run 
into a number of unexpected issues, some of which will take some time to 
resolve.  It has become unreasonable to continue in our current state 
while they are being worked.

With that in mind, we are going to perform a partial rollback to Zuul v2 
while we work on it so that teams can get work done. The details of that 
are as follows:

The project-config repo remains frozen.  Generally we don't want to make 
changes to v2 jobs.  If a change must be made, it will need to be made 
to both v2 and v3 versions.  We will not run the migration script again.

Zuul v3 will continue to run check and periodic jobs on all repos.  It 
will leave review messages, including +1/-1 votes.

Our nodepool quota will be allocated 80% to Zuul v2, and 20% to ZUul 
v3.  This will slow v2 down slightly, but allow us to continue to 
exercise v3 enough to find problems.

Zuul v2 and v3 can not both gate a project or set of projects.  In 
general, Zuul v2 will be gating all projects, except the few projects 
that are specifically v3-only: zuul-jobs, openstack-zuul-jobs, 
project-config, and zuul itself.

We appreciate that some projects would prefer to use v3 exclusively, 
even while we continue to work to stabilize it.  However, in order to 
complete our work as quickly as possible, we may need to restart 
frequently or take extended v3 downtimes.  Because of this, and the 
reduced capacity that v3 will be running with, we will keep the set of 
projects gating under v3 limited to only those necessary.  But keep in 
mind, v3 will still be running check jobs on all projects, so you can 
continue to iterate on v3 job content in check.

If you modified a script in your repo that is called from a job to work 
in v3, you may need to modify it to be compatible with both.  If you 
need to determine whether you are running under Zuul v2 or under v3 with 
legacy compatibility shims, check for the LOG_PATH environment 
variable.  It will only be present when running under Zuul v2 (and it is 
the variable that we are least likely to add to the v3 compatibility shim).

Again - thank you all for your patience, and for all of the great work 
people have done working through the issues we've uncovered. As soon as 
we've got a handle on the most critical issues, we'll plan another 
roll-forward ... hopefully in a week or two, but we'll send out status 
updates as we have them.


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