[openstack-dev] [nova] A way to delete a record in 'host_mappings' table

Dan Smith dms at danplanet.com
Tue Oct 3 14:12:51 UTC 2017

> But the record in 'host_mappings' table of api database is not deleted
> (I tried it with nova master 8ca24bf1ff80f39b14726aca22b5cf52603ea5a0).
> The cell cannot be deleted if the records for the cell remains in 'host_mappings' table.
> (An error occurs with a message "There are existing hosts mapped to cell with uuid ...".)
> Are there any ways (CLI, API) to delete the host record in 'host_mappings' table?
> I couldn't find it.

Hmm, yeah, I bet this is a gap. Can you file a bug for this?

I think making the cell delete check for instances=0 in the cell and then deleting the host mapping along with the cell would be a good idea. We could also add a command to clean up orphaned host records, although hopefully that’s an exceptional situation.


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