[openstack-dev] [charms] 17.11 OpenStack Charms release

David Ames david.ames at canonical.com
Thu Nov 30 23:24:29 UTC 2017

Announcing the 17.11 release of the OpenStack Charms.

In addition to 125 bug fixes across the charms, the release includes
official support for Gnocchi and support for QoS. Several charms have
made the migration to python3 only run-time.

For full details of the release, please refer to the release notes:


Thanks go to the following contributors for this release:

 Alex Kavanagh
 Andrew McLeod
 Aydin Doyak
 Billy Olsen
 Chris MacNaughton
 Corey Bryant
 David Ames
 Dmitrii Shcherbakov
 Edward Hope-Morley
 Evgeny Kremenetsky
 Felipe Reyes
 Frode Nordahl
 Fulvio Galeazzi
 Haw Loeung
 Hua Zhang
 James Page
 Jorge Niedbalski
 Liam Young
 Marian Gasparovic
 Michael Skalka
 Nobuto Murata
 Pete Vander Giessen
 Ryan Beisner
 Seyeong Kim
 Shane Peters
 Tytus Kurek
 Xav Paice
 viswesuwara nathan

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