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Frank Kloeker eumel at arcor.de
Thu Nov 30 19:33:13 UTC 2017

Am 2017-11-27 11:58, schrieb Thierry Carrez:
> We have two options in how we do the split for predetermined topics. We
> used to split the week between Mon-Tue (themes) and Wed-Fri (teams). 
> The
> general idea there was to allow some people only interested in a team
> meeting to only attend the second part of the week. However most people
> attend all 5 days, and during event feedback some people suggested that
> "themes" should be in the mornings and "teams" in the afternoons (and
> all Friday).
> What would be your preference ? The Mon-Tue/Wed-Fri split means less
> room changes, which make it easier on the events team. So all else 
> being
> equal we'd rather keep it the way it is, but I'm open to changing it if
> attendees think it's a good idea.
> If you have any other suggestion (that we could implement in the 3
> months we have between now and the event) please let me know :)

Hi Thierry,

I'd like the idea about themes and teams. Themes bring the opportunity 
to learn work methods and learn ways of working together, across 
OpenStack project teams and new people who are interested. There are so 
many things to learn from the OpenStack community like documentation, 
code review, code testing, automation, project work. This is the chance 
to prove the 4 O's and to give a platform for it.
Call it Summit 2.0. For 2 days, people who are not members of any 
project team but who are interested in their work or in the workings of 
the OpenStack community.
The other 3 days are really for project team work. I think 2 days would 
be also enough plus 1 day cross-project team work.
I'm not sure if I explained that correctly. I learned so much about 
working methods in the community. I think there may be more people 
proving it and maybe new enthusiastically people are joining in.

These are my thoughts about themes and teams :)

kind regards

Frank (@eumel8)

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