[openstack-dev] [shade][sdk] Retiring #openstack-shade IRC channel - come join #openstack-sdks

Monty Taylor mordred at inaugust.com
Tue Nov 28 20:09:48 UTC 2017

With the adoption of python-openstacksdk into the shade team and the 
merging of the shade code into the python-openstacksdk codebase, having 
both an #openstack-shade and an #openstack-sdks channel is more 
confusing than helpful. [0]

To solve that, I'd like to shift shade-related development discussion 
into #openstack-sdks with the rest of it.


[0] Why is there still shade-related development discussion if the code 
has been merged into python-openstacksdk? WELL- we still need to turn 
the existing shade codebase into a compatibilty shim layer on top of the 
code in python-openstacksdk. That's probably going to take at *least* a 
cycle ... and we'll need to make sure that the shade layer continues to 
work for as long as we're still around and kicking.

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