[openstack-dev] [charms] [designate] Domain and server creation during deployment

Dmitrii Shcherbakov dmitrii.shcherbakov at canonical.com
Mon Nov 27 21:23:03 UTC 2017

Hi Liam,

We may do either of two but I think that we need to somehow make it
clear to a user that a setup is not over yet e.g. via a status string.
As a user you should be able to clear it if you want but I think we
need to provide guidance to somebody who doesn't have a full knowdledge
of all components in an OpenStack deployment.

In other words, if we cannot make it automatic, let's at least guide an
operator that there's more to do.

I think the idea of one-time actions is not that new and may be useful
here. Unless certain leader settings are not set a user would be warned
that this action is yet to be run to complete the setup or he has to
explicitly ignore it.

In my view, we should store enough configuration in leader settings so
that proper config rendering is possible during scale-out while domain
and nameserver creation can be offloaded to an operator.


Dmitrii Shcherbakov

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