[openstack-dev] [ironic] Question about pxe_ssh drivers

Waines, Greg Greg.Waines at windriver.com
Tue Nov 21 17:59:44 UTC 2017

Good question about how the smaller devices have their power managed.

Actually stepping back a bit,
i am now thinking that perhaps i am thinking of a USE CASE that is NOT the typical IRONIC USE CASE.

I think the ‘typical’ IRONIC USE CASE is that there are a pool of physical servers
that are available to run requested Instances/Images on.

the USE CASE that i am thinking of is where there are ‘DEDICATED’ physical servers
deployed for specific purposes where I was thinking of using IRONIC to
manage the Images running on these servers.
( This is for say a Industrial / Control type scenario )
( It’s sort of using IRONIC as simply a generic boot server ... of bare metal servers )

Any comments on whether it makes sense to do this with Ironic ?
Is there an alternative OpenStack project to do this sort of thing ?
( in my use case, the end user is already using OpenStack in a traditional sense for
  VMs on compute nodes ... but would like to extend the solution to manage images
  on bare metal servers )

Comments ?

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Subject: Re: [openstack-dev] [ironic] Question about pxe_ssh drivers

Hi Greg,

How do these smaller devices allow you to manage their power state?

Typically you have a side-computer (AKA bare-metal controller) which is
always up so you can talk to it (via IPMI/Redfish/SNMP/ssh) to manage
power state of its big brother.

The pxe_ssh driver is about libvirt VMs simulating bare-metal nodes. I
am not sure this is what you need. Also, pxe_ssh driver is obsoleted by
the virtualbmc proxy by now.

On 11/21/2017 05:22 PM, Waines, Greg wrote:

We have been integrating OpenStack Ironic into our own OpenStack
Thanks to help from the mailing list, we’ve been able to successfully
‘nova boot’ a bare metal instance on an ironic node using the
pxe_ipmitool drivers.
Thanks again for all the help.

A QUESTION about some future work we are starting to look at.

We are interested in using Ironic to boot smaller devices that do NOT
support IPMI.

I believe that there are other drivers such as pxe_ssh for managing
resets and power on/off of such servers.
But i don’t understand how these work at a high-level.
- where do the pxe_ssh drivers SSH to ?
      >  for reset, i suppose it could be the ironic node itself (if
it’s actually running a load, like the deployment image)
      > but for power on/off ... it can’t be the ironic node itself

Can somebody provide or point me to a brief explanation of how Ironic
can be used for
serving loads to devices NOT supporting IPMI ?

thanks in advance,

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