[openstack-dev] Help needed with Fusion SPhere

Rochelle Grober rochelle.grober at huawei.com
Tue Nov 21 01:22:35 UTC 2017

Hey, Farhad and Henry.

I am shipping your request to the OpenStack email list.  Though many of these people are in China, there are both upstream (OpenStack) and downstream (FusionSphere) people on this list.

I hope someone will speak up and work with Henry to accomplish the installation.



From: Farhad Sunavala
Sent: Monday, November 20, 2017 4:54 PM
To: Zhiqiang Yang <zhiqiang.yang at huawei.com>
Cc: Rochelle Grober <rochelle.grober at huawei.com>
Subject: Help needed with Fusion SPhere

Hi Rocky,

Henry from SW lab wanted to know who has worked with Fusion Sphere and can help him with the installation.
Would you know who can help him out?


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