[openstack-dev] port mirroring to instance with openstack

rk_1218_live at i.softbank.jp rk_1218_live at i.softbank.jp
Sun Nov 19 12:41:01 UTC 2017


I built OpenStack environment using OPNFV.
I started the instance on the compute node and confirmed the connection 
I implemented IDS on my instance.
I want to do port mirroring other traffic to instances, but it does not 
go well.
Succeeded to add flow entry to br-int and mirror it to linux bridge.
I checked other traffic on inport of linux bridge with tcpdump.
However, I do not understand how to set up linux bridge.
I would appreciate hearing from you.

- eth4(port)-br-int(openvswitch)-qvoef6b32f9-2d(port)
- |
- qvbef6b32f9-2d(port)-qbref6b32f9-2d(linux bridge)-tapef6b32f9-2d(port)
-           |
-   instance


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