[openstack-dev] [Neutron] Infiniband & Melanox OFED 4.2 eIPoIB support

Massimo Benini benini at cscs.ch
Tue Nov 14 09:38:50 UTC 2017

Dear Neutron developers,

we are building up an OpenStack (Pike) cluster based on CentOS 7.4 and 
Mellanox Ofed 4.2.
As far as we understand Neutron rely on eIPoIB in order to manage 
Infiniband networks but unfortunately Mellanox dropped this feature for 
the new OFED versions.
Here below the Mellanox support answer about that:

"Please note that as of Mellanox OFED 4.0 eIPoIB is no longer supported 
in Mellanox OFED.If you wish to use it we recommend using the 3.4.X 
Drivers which still supported this feature."

Obviously we can not use the 3.X version of OFED because is not 
supported by RHEL 7.4 and also because we don't want to stick with an 
old software version.
Do you have any plan to overcome this issue?

Thank you, regards

Massimo Benini

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