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> Hi,
> just started to look what's available as Functions as a Service in
> OpenStack.
> Thanks for the demo.
> What's the difference between "qinling" and "picasso"?

​Thanks for asking this question :-)​

​When I started to look at FaaS in OpenStack, picasso is the first thing I
evaluated. Technically, it's a very thin layer of picasso api, just
integrated with Keystone authentication, you still need to rely on
IronFunctions (open source version of the company Iron.io's commercial
product) service to make it work.​ What's more, I don't think that project
is actively maintained and the code style/python lib usage do not comply
with openstack 'best practise'.

Qinling is kind of 'neutral' project that can rely on different open source
container technologies (k8s, swarm, zun, etc.) using plugin mechanisam
rather than being locked in by 3rd party commercial products or open source
projects mainly maintained by one company. It's being developed tightly
with openstack community, it's using oslo libraries, zuul v3, openstack
style documenation, code style, irc channel, etc. Most importantly, it can
be integrated very well with other openstack services (Swift, Zaqar,
Ceilometer, Aodh, etc.)

I am developing this project because as an OpenStack based public cloud
provider we have FaaS requirement from our customers, and 'upstream first'
is our commitment as an open source company.
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