[openstack-dev] Nominate chem and matbu for tripleo-core !

Marios Andreou mandreou at redhat.com
Thu Nov 9 08:49:47 UTC 2017

I just sent another message with [tripleo] in the subject
 so please reply there  instead thanks

On Thu, Nov 9, 2017 at 10:44 AM, Marios Andreou <mandreou at redhat.com> wrote:

> Hello fellow owls,
> I would like to nominate (and imo these are both long overdue already):
> Sofer Athlan Guyot (chem)  and
> Mathieu Bultel (matbu)
> to tripleo-core. They have both made many many core contributions to the
> upgrades & updates over the last 3 cycles touching many of the tripleo
> repos (tripleo-heat-templates, tripleo-common, python-tripleoclient,
> tripleo-ci, tripleo-docs and others tripleo-quickstart/extras too unless am
> mistaken).
> IMO their efforts and contributions are invaluable for the upgrades squad
> (and beyond - see openstack overcloud config download for example) and we
> will be very lucky to have them as fully voting cores.
> Please vote with +1 or -1 for either or both chem and matbu - I'll keep it
> open for a week as customary,
> thank you,
> marios
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