[openstack-dev] [heat] Meaning of "updated" in stack update preview / --dry-run?

James Wettenhall james.wettenhall at monash.edu
Wed Nov 8 12:19:42 UTC 2017


I have some stacks created by heat which I want to update.

I download the current template with "heat template-show".

Then before modifying the template, I try running "heat stack-update" with
"--dry-run" to see what will be changed (if anything).

Sometimes, I see some resources (VMs) listed as "updated" in the stack
update preview, even though I haven't yet modified the template.

It's not obvious to me how to find out more about what will be "updated",
and without knowing, I'm a little nervous about performing the update on a
production stack.

When I run the stack update on a test stack, it seems to run fine, and I
don't notice any changes applied to the resources (VMs) which would
supposedly be "updated".  Then subsequent stack update previews on the test
stack don't show that any resources will be updated - the unexpected
"updated" status only appears once, until I go ahead and run "heat
stack-update" without --dry-run.

Is the unexpected "updated" status of these VM resources likely to have
been caused by a change made by my OpenStack administrators e.g. upgrading
their OpenStack version?

Should I stop worrying about the "updated" status of these resources in the
stack update preview, and just assume that if the stack update works on my
test stack with no unintended side effects as far as I can tell, then it
should work on production?

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